Please forgive the awful formatting on here- the pictures should still take you to old blog posts despite being all over the place…

Jellyfish Folkestone photography,cows,Nadia,field,nature,wildlife separate lives rear end man's best friend A room with a view stormy-2 choose yours Jesus Tat! shoe mending scientology Reflection Ferry long wait Neon Lights Jamiljamila Whirling dervish jack and jess SG207293 Old love street wires titanic SG207120 Dead cow, nile, cairo marshmallows? Pass me a cigarette, I think there's one in my raincoat... bob? fun at the fair Guns don't kill people, these kids do... Sleeping policeman Clean sweep bird SG206470 20090509-SG206231 20090508-SG206217 t-shirt (1 of 1) sg205739-1 edit-13 Its a scary world outside sg205619-10 metro What did you say about my mother!? rainy-1 birdman woman-street bird-cat barbie1 umbrella baywatch trio-models models models2 chimp louis-weights ayman-grin felucca-best station2 boatsx3 man-lean lion-stuffed birds-better dog elephant1 sg202412 books niqab boymum aymanbook-fair magazinesgrinder pestle police A tool Beerosol dead-sheep-xylophone Let there be Stella Nawwart Masr Fishermen The Doorway Houseboats Good Boy Zamalek from the balcony
fields of gold


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